The Day I Crossed the Line!

crossed the line
Here is a testimony shared by one of our students regarding how God dramatically got a hold of his life and helped him step across a line. A line establishing a fresh all out commitment to serve and live for Jesus. Here are his words.
I went on a retreat on Friday, the 29th of April, to Sunday the 1st of May.
Altogether, it was great, but the day that impacted me the most was Saturday. Saturday evening went like this. It started with a skit, then my youth pastor began preaching and then an altar call and finally some worship. Before pastor gave his message there was an awesome skit we did. We had a presidential snack debate over which Dorito was better: Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese?! I am a Nacho Cheese man myself. The skit was unusual but we loved doing it. It was so funny and ridiculous.
After that I went back to the dorm with some other male actors to change, and then we came back. I missed the first part of the pastor’s message and he was really getting into it at this point so I did my best to be respectful and stay quiet. My pastor got to the altar call. An altar call is when a pastor asks if anyone in the audience wants to step out and do something different to better themselves. It can be reading the Bible for a week or praying for someone you care about or even being kind to strangers. An altar call can come in different shapes and sizes too. For this specific one, there was a crack in the concrete in the middle of the room. And he began to describe a choice.
My interpretation of the choice: It was whether or not we had the guts to CHANGE OUR LIVES. Honestly I was so ready for it. I have had terrible stuff happen to me. Who hasn’t, you know? I’m human, not perfect. I’ve also chosen to do sinful things rather than do something constructive like read a book or something. At one point, I even tried to replace God. Granted it was unknowingly, but I have done it. Like I said, I like theater. For a period of time, I listened to show tunes all day everyday to the point where it was unhealthy.
The line, the crack in the concrete at retreat, he called the line sacred! It was a sacred line. Now if he didn’t use the word “sacred” I may not have taken the alter call as seriously. Honestly, it was exciting. I wanted to run across that line. I felt that I needed to do this. I wanted change that badly. But I’m a nice person. I would never interrupt an alter call. Just not in me to do that.
I waited and then saw this silhouette out of the corner of my eye during the call, crossing it! In my heart I thought, awe man! Now it’s not going to be as awesome for God.
So now I’m like what now? I kinda just stood there with this urge to cross the line. Watching others cross the line while I just stood there was rough. But You know what, If I was going to cross the line, I was going to do it right. So I spent some time and did a self evaluation. I prayed. I talked with my best friend. We talked with another good friend. He, being a leader of my youth group, agreed to be our accountability partner and help us break out of some sinful habits. I prayed some more for other people and for forgiveness. I was especially meticulous with repenting. I went through the Bible looking for sin. I found the ten commandments and I repented for each of them individually, in my own way. I had to do it that way because after all, I haven’t killed anyone.

Then after 2 hours, and after everyone began going back to the dorms after the praise and worship was over, and after I repented my all sins, I crossed that line. I was ready to start living a life that mattered. Ready to start making a difference in people’s lives. You know, in the good way. Ready to become a leader for cutting edge. They asked me to join the leader team more than a year ago but I wanted to be patient with it. Now I am ready to fully give myself to God!