Steps to Freedom and Changes That Heal

Learn to walk by faith and live by the power of the Holy Spirit. Freedom will allow you to stand firm in the faith and actively take your place in Christ. The battle of your mind is won by choosing truth. Start living a fruitful life in Him and becoming the person He created you to be!


Tammy Texter
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Are you experiencing freedom in your life? Are you walking by faith and living by the power of the Holy Spirit? “If you are not experiencing freedom, it may be because you have not stood firm in the faith or actively taken your place in Christ.”

Neil T. Anderson writes “…the finished work of Jesus Christ and the presence of God in our lives are the only means by which we can resolve our personal and spiritual conflicts. Christ in us is our only hope (see Colossians 1:27), and He alone can meet our deepest needs of life: acceptance, identity, security and significance.”

The Steps to Freedom in Christ is a tool to help you submit to God and resist the devil. It is “a means of resolving personal and spiritual conflicts which have kept you from experiencing the freedom and victory Christ purchased for you on the cross. It is Christwho sets us free and our response to Him in repentance and faith is what sets us free. “The battle for your mind can only be won as you personally choose truth.” Once this is done, you can start living a fruitful life by abiding in Christ and becoming the person He created you to be.