Prophetic Ministry Team Guidelines

1- You are encouraged to prepare yourself for ministry during the week before your scheduled ministry time. This can be done through fasting, prayer, and having times of praise & worship. It is also important to remember that we are able to minister to others only because of His grace. So, sometimes we minister regardless of what kind of week we have had.

2- Please come dressed appropriately. Have breath mints handy. No heavy perfume or aftershave.

3- There will be a minimum of three members on a team and one will be a designated Team Leader.

4- Team Leaders welcome the person who is being ministered to and introduce the other team members.

5- First, ask the person what they are there for: a prophetic word, a prayer for healing, or for intercession for a specific need/situation. The team leaders minister first, opening in a short prayer for that particular ministry time and praying/prophesying for the person. Next, team members minister 2 to 3 minutes each. After everyone has ministered, if the team leader feels that there is something necessary to minister, he or she is to finish. Keep the entire time slot to a total of 10 minutes or less (length of tape)

6- There should be no talking or counseling AT ALL.  If prophesying, you can say, “I see,” describe your picture and then say, “Son or daughter, or For the Lord would say,” or decree, declare, or cut something off. Do not say, “I think this means” or try to explain what you think. If a team member is uncomfortable in giving a prophetic word, or they do not receive one for the person, they may be released by the team leader to just pray and seal what words had been given.

7- If you feel you have a sensitive word or a corrective word, please do not give it at that time. We are seeking to minister to people out of love to edify, exhort, and comfort. No one is to walk away, after being ministered to, feeling beaten down or condemned.

8- If you feel you should explain something, please submit it to the team leader first for his or her permission to do so.

9- Every ministry session is to be taped. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please do not shut the recorder off and then continue talking or sharing. When the recorder is shut off, you are done, say “God Bless you.”

10- If the person ministered to has never received a prophetic word, make sure that they receive the handout on handling a personal prophecy.

11- If they were prayed for concerning healing, then they should receive the handout for receiving the healing.

12- If you are ministering on a team, please do not be distracted by people, walk off from the ministry team, and then come back in to minister. Continue standing with your team until all ministry is complete. If there is an emergency and you must leave for a moment or talk to someone briefly, wait until your team has done ministering to that particular person. That way, you both stay in the flow of what is happening for each individual, and we can give them our undivided attention.

13- If you feel to lay hands on a person, please ask permission to do so. Gently lay your hand lightly on the head, shoulder, or back. Men, please be particularly sensitive when laying hands on ladies when you minister, as this can be intimidating or frightening to some women because of past experiences. Male team members may request for a woman team member to place their hand beneath theirs when praying for a woman. Remember that we don’t have to touch to minister to someone.

14- If you feel to do something unusual during ministry, like slap a person’s hands or clap loudly around them, please explain and ask their permission first. Remember that we don’t have to touch to minister to someone.

15- Team Leaders, you are responsible for gathering up your recorder, tapes, and handouts at the end of the ministry time and bring them to the designated area.

16- Team Leaders, you are responsible for your team adhering to the guidelines. Please go over the guidelines before your ministry time, and pray as a team for a few minutes. If a member makes a mistake during ministry time with the guidelines, please gently re­instruct on the matter after the person being ministered to has left the room. (unless it is something that really needs to be corrected immediately. However, we do not expect this to happen because you have been trained before being asked to serve on the ministry team)