• A contending House of Prayer
  • Meeting Needs
  • Ministering to People
  • Mobilizing Laborers
It is our conviction that the Church in right relationship with God, as obedient disciples of Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit is the only hope for change in this generation and every generation that follows. We have been working in Southern Thailand for the last 14 years and the Lord is leading us to the Capital City of Bangkok for the next season of our ministry. We are believing to see churches planted in the 50 different regions of the city that each have a population of 100k or more. The current population of Bangkok is 8.2 million with an Evangelical population of less than 300K.
  • Continue to preach the Gospel all over the province of Frosinone.
  • Rent or buy a larger church building.
  • Reach four more specific communities with the preaching of the Gospel.
  • Strengthen our community of churches in the Province of Frosinone.
  • Increase helping with food and clothing, to the poor in our church and in our community.
Abele Aureli was called with his family to the Evangelistic ministry, from Medford, MA, in May 1980, after God baptized him with the Holy Spirit and called him and his family to go back to Italy (their homeland), to preach the Gospel and to plant new churches. Believing that he needed some Bible training, he then enrolled to the Berean School of the Bible (AG), earning a Diploma in Ministerial Studies, plus a Certification to Missionary Principles. They moved to the Mission Field in July 1985.
  • Produce Bariai audio Scripture, Bible videos, reading apps, and Sunday school curriculum.
  • Equip and train key church leaders to impact their communities with Biblical truth.
  • Facilitate ongoing literacy in the Bariai language.
  • Serve as consultants to other Bible translation teams in PNG.
Since 1993 we have lived among the Bariai people, learning their language and culture, developing an alphabet and literacy program, and translating the Bible into their language. In 2012 the entire Bariai New Testament along with Genesis and Exodus was completed and distributed. We continue to promote the translated Word among them, helping them to lay hold of the Truth that sets them free!
  • More monthly partners
  • New recruits
  • Finance and expand existing Bible schools
  • Build new facility on new property in Myanmar
We have been full-time missionaries since 1972. In 1986 our family embarked on the greatest missionary venture of our lives and moved to the Philippines. The ministry exploded. Multitudes came to Christ and Bible schools were born. What began as one family’s desire to help local pastors has now become a ministry recognized across Asia for its impact on thousands of lives in 6 different nations.

Minister’s Training Program
Nathan and Karen Rasmussen


Fire International
Bethany Ricci

  • IFC is building a School for the 55 orphans in our care, the first of 15 buildings is complete.
  • HIV/AIDS and Leper Care are huge challenges. IFC has a vision to build a 100 bed HIV/AIDS hospital.
  • We continue to show the love of Christ to the 10,000 patients who are served at our clinics and hospital annually.
In 2001, Carl Cady went to the refugee camps in North Indonesia and saw the suffering of the Christians who had lost everything in attacks on their villages. He began IFC to provide food, clean water and medical help to those in the time of loss and suffering. Carl has led IFC for the last 15 years. Carl and his wife, Cathy, pastored for 20 years prior to starting the aid work in Indonesia.

Carl Cady