Merry Christmas

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I love the month of December because it is one of my favorite months. It is special time for family and friends to focus on Christmas together. The food, the fellowship and the season of the year have always been a time of excitement and joy for me. As we enjoy these days, we as believers need to be reminded that this is also the time of the year to speak about Jesus to those who have not yet met Him. Did you know that at this time of the year people are more open to hearing the gospel than at any other time of year? This is always something to keep in the front of our minds. Yes, this is an opportunity to share our faith; sharing who Jesus is to us personally, and why we have asked Him into our heart. People need to hear this from our lips, the Name of Jesus and new changes He has brought to our lives; changes of inner peace and confidence toward God; a knowing that our life and times are in His hands as He holds our future dear to His heart; and that He has a plan for our personal future that we are discovering day by day. Only we are an expert on our own life! If we don’t say this, who will? Too often there are many who are depressed and down at this time of the year, and believers should be sensitive to this, because people are looking for hope. These are people who are our co-workers, neighbors and extended family as well. It is also a time to renew connections with family and extended family we don’t often see, and a time to strengthen the family relationships we often too easily take for granted. Maybe even a time to extend forgiveness to family members, who have disappointed us, hurt us and need to hear from us with the words of forgiveness, love and acceptance. So many people long to hear the words that they are loved. Yes, the Christmas season is also a season of healing; the healing of hurting hearts.  So for me, as I enjoy the Christmas season and all that goes with it, I also know I need to be on the look-out through the eyes of my faith for those who need a touch from God. Let’s remember to invite folks to church…they’re more open to come to a church during the Christmas season than any other time of the year! Merry Christmas!
Pastor Ralph Freda