Keys to Hearing God

Keys to Hearing God

1- Take time to dwell in God’s presence. Scheduling a certain time each day helps us get into the habit of spending time with Him.

2- Spend a portion of the scheduled time with the Lord in worship; singing or speaking praises, reading the Psalms, unto Him.

3- Ask the Lord to speak to you, and tell him you are listening. Get quiet and listen for his voice.  Practice staying quiet for a longer period each day. You’ll be surprised how much God really wants to speak to you.

4- Study to show yourself approved unto God. Read and study the scriptures. Ask God to help you become a lover of His word. Search out good books on the subject of hearing God.

5- Develop love for others. Begin to ask God for a new appreciation for His Body. We must prophecy in love. It all works by love.

6- Become sensitive to different feelings within or on your body: pains that were not there prior to ministry time, etc. This may be a word of knowledge.

7- Keep a note pad and pen by your bed to jot down any dreams you may have. Some might be from the Lord. If we do not write them down right away, we can easily forget them. Then when you get up, look up key words or subjects from the dream in your bible.

8- Do not put limits on how God may or may not speak to you. He is very creative.

9- Stay free from a sinful lifestyle by yielding to Jesus and appropriating forgiveness through His shed blood. Our sins separate us from God.

10- Be sure to tithe. By obeying in the tithe, God opens the windows of heaven and pours out a blessing. We see through these windows into God’s plans and purposes for our lives and the lives of others. Is there a better blessing than hearing Him speak?