Wagner Leadership Institute

 WLI logoThe Wagner Leadership Institute – WLI – offers leadership training with Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate Diplomas in the Practical Theology of Ministry.

This Wagner regional school is located on site at The Church of Grace and Peace in Toms River, NJ, having begun as an extension of the original school in Colorado. There are over 9,000 students internationally enrolled through the various regional schools, of which the Toms River Institute is one.

This school allows you to move along at your own pace, and offers advanced placement for what you have learned in life through past education (in Biblical/Theological studies, as well as secular areas of higher education), and credits (Training Units – TUs) can be earned in various ways. The TUs can be accrued by home study, internet study, or independent study, as well as through classroom courses. A popular format we use for class study is through ‘fast tracks’ – held on Friday evening and all day Saturday.

There are course concentrations in Apostolic, Prophetic, Pastoral, Evangelistic, Youth Ministry, Children’s Ministry, Administration and Missions, to mention a few. There is so much to say about WLI, with so little space to say it in! All the information you need to know about us is available on the web at www.wli-tomsriver.org. Come and join us, where education leads to impartation by the Spirit of God! To RSVP for the August Information Night, call 732-349-1550 x201; to speak with me, dial ext. 213.

Pastor Ralph Freda, Dean