True Thanksgiving – by Pastor Gabrielle Aquilino

Is anyone other than myself completely amazed that the holiday season is already upon us? It seems like just yesterday we were planning our summer get-a-ways to the beach and firing up the grill for barbeques with friends and family. Now our to-do lists have become an exciting litany of what meals we will be preparing and what household projects we need to complete before out-of-town relatives come over for Thanksgiving!

It is my experience, that as these to-do lists grow larger every year, I am getting somewhat lost in the whirlwind of the demands that my schedule requires of me. It is during this whirlwind that I quickly lose sight of everything we are actually celebrating. Furthermore, if I am not careful, I can begin to act nothing like the very title that this season “Thanksgiving” is supposed to reflect.
 ComewithThanksgiving-ThemeHave you ever felt that way? Maybe you, like most of us, have unintentionally allowed this season to simply pass by along with the stress of obligations, responsibilities and goals. Perhaps you have experienced some trying times this past year and don’t feel that there is much to be thankful for during this season. I would like to encourage you to remember that when you know Jesus, there is so much to be thankful for, even during the darkest moments in life. Because of Jesus we have been forgiven for all our sins (Ephesians 1:7), we are a new creation in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), we are victorious in Him (Revelation 12:11), and we are completely set free (John 8:36)! As we reflect on these things, it is my prayer that your heart would be filled with joy and that we would spread that joy to all those around us. Take some time today to thank Him for all His mercies, for they are truly new every single day. The wonderful thing about being thankful is that it has very little to do with how much we have, but rather, how much God has poured out His love in to us. May your heart be comforted this Thanksgiving in knowing that God’s love for you is endless and that He delights in YOU. And THAT is something to be truly thankful for!