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Learn to recognize the Holy Spirit’s green lights and red lights within you.

In order to be used mightily in the Spirit, we must first learn how to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit within us daily, in the everyday affairs of life. Until that is established, we cannot be effective when God wants to use us publicly. Scripture tells us that what we do in secret (in prayer and godliness), God will reward openly. So, in the secret place of our private lives as we are faithful to yield to the Holy Spirit’s leadings and promptings, God in return rewards us by trusting us in bigger things. We must “learn” the Holy Spirit’s green lights and red lights within us. We need to know which are the NO’s… and which are the GO’s inside us!

There is also an art to training oneself to be aware of the Holy Spirit’s activity inside us. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of peace, who is gentle and kind. He primarily leads us by our level of peace and joy. When those two fruits begin to lift, we can pretty much count on the fact that we just stepped out of the Holy Spirit’s leading. Isaiah 55:12a (KJ) confirms this saying, “You shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace.”

Because the Holy Spirit is a person, as we become more acquainted with Him, we will begin to receive a stability (a root of strength), giving us an internal and external calmness and peace. We do this by speaking to Him daily, allowing Him to speak back to us, and by paying attention to His inward promptings. Job 22:21a (KJ) says, “Acquaint now thyself with Him and be at peace.”

Also, because He is a person living inside us, He can become easily saddened and grieved when we think, act or speak outside of the will (Word) of God. As we yield to and abide in Him daily, we will come to know what grieves and saddens Him. When He is grieved, we will become grieved as well, because 1 Corinthians 6:17 (NKJ) says, “He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.” Ephesians 4:30 (Amp.) further tells us, “Do not grieve, offend, vex, or sadden the Holy Spirit within you.” We must take note that the Bible tells us the Holy Spirit’s nature is compared to a dove, not a bear or a wolf! A dove is one of the least aggressive birds in existence. The Amplified Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is not hard, harsh, sharp, or pressing!

Here are some things that will help increase our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit:

  • Prayer and fasting
  • Praying in the Spirit (or tongues) daily
  • Speaking and claiming the Scriptures personally, aloud, when you read them
  • Daily purging, dying, and denial of self
  • Getting around the Anointing (this can be by way of tapes, videos, books, meetings and having the right relationships in your life)
  • Marinating in His presence in stillness or in praise and thanksgiving
  • Humility and brokenness
  • Watching your mouth gate and heart gate
  • Boldness and confidence in God’s ability… not your own!
  • And also, having faith that God will lead you accurately in all things

It all starts with desire and by making a quality decision to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit from now on. Have your faith decree that you will obey His promptings and leadings… starting right now! Hebrews 11:1a (NKJ) says, “NOW faith is…!” And Job 22:28a (KJ) says, “Thou shalt also decree a thing and it shall be established!”

Angel Morano
Apostolic Elder