Servant of the Month – February 2015

Sarah Gallini – “One Who is Faithful”

The word “faithful” is defined as someone who is “steady in allegiance, loyal, and consistent.” When I think of Sarah Gallini, I think of that very word. For years at The Church of Grace and Peace, Sarah has been faithful in all she has put her hand to and is a vital part of this church family.

Sarah started attending Grace and Peace when she was a little girl in 1994. As she grew up in the church, she eventually became a regular attender of Cutting Edge Youth Ministries. In 2006 she became a youth leader in the youth ministry and has remained faithful in that role ever since. For 9 years she has lead a Life Group, helped in the administration department and has also been a vital part in the decision making process for all things pertaining to this ministry. In addition to these responsibilities, she was an intern working with Pastor Jim for two years, where she took time to gain deeper ministry training as well as greater responsibility within the ministry.

Sarah is currently the Life Group Director for Cutting Edge. This involves the organization, care, follow-up and management of all Life Groups within the youth. She goes above and beyond and takes the time to know every single student. Without Sarah directing these Life Groups, the youth ministry would not exist in the way that it does. We are beyond grateful for the manner in which she serves.

Sarah has also served for a season in the children’s ministry working with the 3 and 4 year old children.

I am blessed to know Sarah not only as a youth leader on our team, but as a good friend. Her leadership, dedication and passion to the youth of this generation is inspiring. Her faithfulness to what God has asked of her will continue to impact student’s lives for all eternity.

Nate Huber
Youth Pastor