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Life Groups

Groups centered around Bible study and fellowship meet at various locations and times during the week. A listing of all groups is available at the life groups center.

Pet Mac Connell

Life Group Listings are now part of inFellowship

InFellowship launched in March 2013 for The Church of Grace and Peace. InFellowship is a secure and easy to use online tool which will allow you to update your contact information, connect with Life Groups, manage your groups, and make an online donation/contribution.

Click here to search for current GAP Life Groups

Registration is not required to search for a group. However, we encourage you to create an account if you are interested in becoming a group member, contribute online and view giving history, or connect with others listed in the church directory.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, contact the church office (732.349.1550 x201) or Pastor Bill Kluender (732.349.1550 ext. 302). Thank you.

Are you plugged in to a life group yet? If not, there is good news. The Church of Grace and Peace offers multiple life groups that are ready to welcome you. Let us help you find a group that fits you. We have groups meeting in different towns almost every night of the week. We also have daytime groups, groups for seniors, a young adults group, and groups with singles and couples combined. We even have groups that focus on certain topics, such as worship and prayer, which run in a series. These short-term groups have a revolving membership.

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