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Music Ministry

worshipweb1One Voice Worship Ministry

We believe that worship ministry isn’t the job of a single talented lead worshipper.
It is the result of the discovered, trained and released gifts within the body.  All those gifts find their place and come together to offer unified worship to the Lord.

We have one massive worship team with multiple opportunities to serve.  Those areas include:

Media (audio or video) Vocal or Instrumental.  The people who serve in One Voice Worship may serve on the Intensity Youth Worship team, our third service Hispanic Worship team, or help one of the many weekly services, life groups, gatherings, or conferences that are supported by The Church of Grace and Peace.   

Our Vision: Heaven’s worship on earth.

worshipweb2Our Mission: With one voice in worship, prepare the way so the Majesty of God is revealed, His Spirit is released in power, and His presence is experienced in transcendence and awe.
Our Mandates:

-To set the stage, to announce, to clear a path, to remove obstacles, to pray, to establish unity, to acquire skill and excellence, to break open the roof and bring people before Jesus.
Reveal-Worship reveals the truth and totality of God and exposes us to His Majesty, His supreme worth, His greatness, His nature, His attributes, His truth, His Ability, and His Wisdom so that He will begin to move unhindered, unfettered and unquenchable.
Release- When God’s Spirit is truly released all bets are off. Anything can happen. As the throne of heaven is transfixed before us, the hearts of men are ripe for transformation.
worshipweb3Respond-The result must be response on every level, acknowledgement, salvation, repentance, healing, Spirit Baptism, Spiritual Gifts, Callings and Appointments, Proclamation of His Word, Kingdom expanding power and dominion.
Contact: Worship Pastor James Wheeler

732-349-1550 x 208