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GAP Café

A place to fellowship together after 10:30 am service; refreshments are available for purcahse.

Reese Blackwell
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It’s a place where everybody knows your name! Isn’t God awesome! He gives an idea, breathes life into it, and makes it prosper. He did exactly that with the GAP Café two years ago. The Café is open every Sunday after the second service, except for holiday weekends. A ‘special main course of the day’ is served each week. We have featured various food specialties such as lasagna, turkey with gravy, Swedish meatballs with noodles, sausage, peppers and onions, and roast beef, just to name a few. Check the back of the bulletin weekly for a listing of that day’s specialty.

With our ‘al la carte’ menu, you can either purchase a full meal including salad, main course, and dessert for under $10.00 per person or just what you desire. In addition to the adult menu, we have a special menu for children featuring hot dogs with chips, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, etc.

Come and be surrounded by the love and warmth of other Christians. The friendly environment is a place to bring your family, or perhaps someone you just met at service, and enjoy a meal together. Not only is it a fine place to dine, but we’ve also celebrated such events as birthdays, marriage proposals and salvations at the Café. It makes no difference whether you’ve been attending Grace and Peace for one day or 20 years – you’ll enjoy the atmosphere and fellowship, and you’ll always meet new friends. The GAP Café is a place where everybody really does know your name!

-Bonnie Grodberg, Ministry Leadership Team