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Develops video presentations and text to inform the congregation and community about the gospel and Grace and Peace events.

Pastor James Wheeler
732.349.1550 x208
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Capturing the movement of God and the magnificence of His Hand in action! Wow, imagine – we have the opportunity to capture Jesus in action! People know about Jesus and how He has touched lives all over the world. Now, we can capture His message, His beauty, His character, His stories, His healings, and His miracles on video, sharing the movement of God and the magnificence of His Hand in action!

The Church of Grace and Peace has previously produced and aired a program on Cablevision and Comcast Cable. Our Sunday service can be viewed on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 pm on Comcast channel 19. People will witness the message of the Gospel through Pastor Walt via the airwaves. Small vignettes and stories about our various ministries will also be taped. The Father’s heart is visible in the videotapes showing those who serve. We see His beauty as we watch people in His presence, in the joy of fellowship, and most important, in the love we share one to another. We capture the evidence of how God is moving through the saints and how He has blessed this house. In addition, another aspect of this exciting venture will be “videos on the web.” Sermons, videos, baptisms, all that God is doing at Grace and Peace will be seen by people all over the world. Watch for the announcement of web programming in the next few weeks.

Television and video are powerful communication tools, reaching even those who do not read or write, transcending ethnic barriers and socioeconomic status. Low-income households, hospitals, and nursing homes utilize television as a primary tool for communication and entertainment.

For this ministry to function with excellence, we still need to purchase additional equipment. Our goal is to purchase two broadcast cameras and tripods to replace the ones currently in the Sanctuary. Another remote camera set-up will be used to capture ministry activities at various locations on site, as well as throughout the community.

The Multimedia Ministry will be developing its post-production and editing capabilities, graphics and PC division, and commercial and scriptwriting functions. If you have skills, an interest, and a desire to learn any of the necessary skills, please see someone on the multimedia team. You will be encouraged to explore the area to which you are being called to serve.

“Let’s make God famous” was the charge to our congregation just a few weeks ago. Well why not? We have the greatest gift given to mankind in our Savior, in His Body being formed, and in the Kingdom of God. Video production enables us to capture what’s happening and allow it to live beyond the moment. The message can be shared again and again to touch a lost soul, heal a hurt, and save lives. Let us, together, capture the message of the gospel and share it with our community and the world!