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Wednesday evening “club setting" ministry for girls age 5 through 12th grade.
Missionettes meet from 7:00 - 8:30 pm on the first floor of the Family Center.

Pastor Lisa Martin
732.349.1550 X332
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Reaching girls for Jesus to develop a strong foundation in Christ. Missionettes, a ministry to all girls, has been consistently serving the needs of girls at Grace and Peace for over 19 years. At the core of the Missionettes ministry are three Ls.


  • Girls have fun learning biblical truth for living.
  • Girls in the church want to invite their friends to meet Jesus.
  • Girls build lifelong relationships.


  • Guest-friendly curriculum.
  • Full color activity pages for Rainbows through Stars and interactive journal pages for Friends.
  • Music for memory helps.
  • Adventures – field trips, camping, and more for Daisies through Friends.
  • A motto, pledge, colors, and Scripture verse for each club.
  • Unit awards and badges.

Missionettes Fivefold Purpose:

  • To win girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance.
  • To teach them to obey everything Jesus commanded us – developing girls spiritually and mentally.
  • To provide encouragement, support, and accountability through lasting Christian relationships.
  • To provide an environment for girls to develop their gifts and abilities.
  • To acquaint them with the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

As you can see, Missionettes reaches the total girl for Jesus and helps to establish a strong foundation in Christ. If you have a daughter who has consistently come out to the Wednesday night meetings, you know firsthand the fruit Missionettes can grow in your child. The key is consistency – a fruit tree does not bear good fruit unless it is tended to daily with the water and care that it needs. Likewise, Christians bear much good fruit when they drink from the Word daily – consistency being the key.

As August and September approach, this is a great time to introduce your child to Missionettes – the club that grows good fruit that lasts. These are the different clubs that are offered:

Rainbows – the Noah’s Ark Club for pre-school (3 and 4 year old) boys and girls

Daisies – the Sonshine Club for 5 year old and Kindergarten girls

Prims – the Discovery Club for 1st & 2nd grade girls

Stars – the Fun Club for 3rd & 4th grade girls

Friends – the Where You Belong Club for 5th & 6th grade girls

For more information about the program or any of the clubs, please call me at 732.349.1550 X332.

-Pastor Lisa Martin, Missionettes Coordinator

Changing the World… One Girl at a Time. September marks an amazing 19 years of Missionettes at Grace and Peace. Over the years, this ministry for girls, age five through eighth grade, has experienced consistent growth. We meet every Wednesday night from 7:00-8:30 pm in the classrooms on the main floor of the Family Center. Rainbows, a ministry to three and four year old girls and boys, meets on the main floor of the Education Wing.

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