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In The Spotlight

October Appreciation Corner

Here we are again in the Appreciation Corner. This month, the Elders have the privilege of highlighting Elaine Barry. Elaine is one of those quiet, mighty servants of the Lord.

Elaine has selflessly served in several areas of church life over many, many years. She has been involved in our Counseling Department, working in our Grief Share program on Saturdays, and also working as an Altar Counselor. Elaine is a behind-the-scenes prayer warrior, who has spent hours upon hours volunteering her time in the church office, helping prepare the Sunday bulletin and the Benchmark for distribution.

We love all of our workers here at The Church of Grace and Peace, and this honor is designed to bring your attention to those who have modeled the servanthood of Jesus Christ. Elaine is a fine example of this. She has always done her work as unto the Lord, not looking for the attention of men.

-Pastor Maureen Healy