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Title Author
Spiritual Motherhood Written by Pastor Maureen Healy
You are an Instrument in the Symphony of The Lord Written by Bernadette Huey
Spiritual Fatherhood Written by Ralph Freda
Election 2012 Written by Pastor Walter Healy
Spiritual Fatherhood Written by Bill Kluender
Spiritual Motherhood Written by Maureen Healy
New Benchmark Written by Webmaster
There's Something About That Number Written by Jim Ricci
Drawing Near Written by Bonnie Grodberg
Do You Know What Time It Is? Written by Judi Valencia


  • GAP jOURney

    The Journey begins on September 29th for five weeks.
    This section provides the answers to fill-ins for the Journey magazine.
    Each weeks fill-ins will be available Sunday evenings for the week discussed in service.