In part one we looked at: The health of the tongue, The health of your lifestyle, and the health of your eye and ear gates. We will proceed with:


Key #19: Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. —Proverbs 4:23 (NIV)


Health To Your Heart


In Key to Health #18, we examined the importance of our eye and ear gates, because they go directly to the heart of man. It is the heart of man that directs health to his whole being. In Proverbs 4:23 above, we see being on guard is of paramount importance:

“above all else …”

The heart is our very wellspring of life. The heart of man is where our spirit and soul touch. It is where the Word of God goes, and where our intentions come forth. A heart full of God’s Word and rich in communion with Father God is healthy and thriving. The intentions of that heart will be pure, undefiled and godly.


Hearts need healing when impurities and defilements have crept in. Darkness is the source. The vehicles of this dark source can be the occult, sexual sin, unforgiveness and bitterness; pride of life; embracing the lusts of the flesh; defiling things like pornography; and loving the world age we live in. Allowing such things as these in us is not keeping a watch over our eye and ear gates and certainly is not guarding our hearts. When the wellspring of life gets contaminated we need healing and deliverance. We need a breakthrough.


There is hope. Thank God Jesus heals, delivers and sets free! Thank God Jesus can cleanse our hearts from all defilement when we recognize what we have allowed into us, repent, turn to Him and ask the Holy Spirit to cleanse us. We do have however, a duty not to return to what we have renounced. We have a duty to stay clean and stay whole!



I guard my heart, for out of it will flow health to my whole being!



Father God, bring light to my soul where I have not kept a diligent guard over my heart. Bring cleansing to me as I repent of what I should not have allowed in me. Cleanse me by the blood of Christ, and have the Holy Spirit wash me in Your cleansing flow. In Jesus’ Name I ask, Amen.


Journaling Question:

How have I not guarded my heart? What changes can I make to guard it in the days ahead?


Resources: Book: God’s Joy in Your Heart

, C.H. Spurgeon.


Key #20: My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body.—Proverbs 4:20-22 (NIV)


Health to Your Whole Body


It is important to notice as we read these Keys to Health, that Biblical health is far more than just healing. It is God’s Word prospering in us, producing the spiritual life of health in our whole beings. Health to our whole bodies is this: paying close attention to the Word of God, keeping it continually before our eye gates, storing it in our hearts, and letting it produce health in our whole body.


We must do something with the Word of God. It’s not magic. It is the application of God’s Word that matters. We must diligently hold it in our hearts higher than any circumstance that would contradict it. We must continually keep it on our lips and hold it dearly with faith. There have been many testimonies of people who have done just this, and have had lives nearly free of sickness and disease. The point is if it can be done for one, and we recognize God is no respecter of persons, then it is available for all. The key to this breakthrough of health in our lives is what we do or do not do with God’s Word. It is available, yet we are the determining factor.


What are we waiting for? Will the average believer ever get the importance of this? The sooner we do get its importance, the longer we have to build ourselves strong in Biblical health. Too often I find people do this off and on. Double-mindedness doesn’t produce Biblical results. My hope for you and me is that we take what God offers seriously and let His Word triumph in us, producing health in our whole bodies!



God’s Word makes life in my whole body!



Father God, I receive Your Word with joy, and treasure it in my heart that I might not sin against You. May Your grace lead me into all truth in this covenant of health that You have placed before me. May my faith grow strong in this area and not fail. In Jesus’ name I ask, Amen.


Journaling Question:

How seriously do I let the Word of God dwell in me to produce health? Do I only seek God on the topic of health when I’m confronted with sickness? What do I really believe regarding God’s Word bringing health to my whole body?


Resources: Video: Healing School

, Gloria Copeland

Christ the Healer

, F.F. Bosworth.


Key #21: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind …—Romans 12:2a (NIV)


Health to Your Mind


Our mind is a major key in and of itself! How we think, so we act. A healthy mind is going to produce health in all our behaviors and in how we react to the challenges of life. For the believer, we are constantly undergoing mind renewal and transformation. That is, we are having our minds washed clean from the pattern of this world in order to think Godly and think clearly. When we come to Christ a transformation takes place; first within our spirit man and then working its way outward through our mind, soul and body.


In the world in which we live, minds are cluttered, confused, defiled and ill. Coming to Christ is a breakthrough and a deliverance for how we even think! A healthy mind is one that meditates on God’s Word, questions everything the world presents it, filters it through the Word of God, and holds onto only that which is in harmony with Scriptures. People even think more clearly when they get saved. (I know some of you are remembering Christians who don’t think so clearly. You should have seen them before they met Christ!)


Healthy minds think like Christ. Healthy minds dwell on that which is pure and holy (Philippians 4:7-9). The peace of God quiets our minds in a troubled world and keeps us content in Him. As we behold Him, we behold a mind settled and at peace which is truly health to our mind and soul!



I have the mind of Christ. I am at peace in Him.



Father God, I give you my mind and faculties. I surrender my mind to you and place it in the peace of knowing Christ as my Savior. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Journaling Question:

Do I take the time to quiet my mind and meditate on His goodness towards me? Am I resting in Him and casting the cares of this world on Him?


Resources: Books: Three Battlegrounds, Francis Frangipane; Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord,

Kenneth Hagin